Thank You!


Thanks for joining our Wash Club!

If you have any questions about what happens next, please see the FAQs below or reach out to us via our Contact Page.



When will I receive my card?

If you selected to have your card mailed to you (this is the default selection), keep an eye on your mailbox, your card will arrive in just a few days.

If you selected to pick your card up at a particular AutoSpa location, please see an attendant at that location 2 business days following your purchase.  

Not sure which option you selected?

Login to your account Here, select "My Profile" and your selection will be shown on the right side of the page below your address.

Can I use my club card to wash multiple vehicles?

Yep! You can use your card to wash whatever vehicles you'd like.

What about billing?

Your card is charged for the first month when you place the order.  Then again every 30 days after that.  No work is required on your end after the initial purchase.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Our clubs don't have any contracts or secret strings attached.  If you'd like to cancel, simply give us 30-days notice and we'll end your membership.  It's that easy.